About Amalie

As I lay in bed next to my sleeping fiancée, on the cusp between my twenties and my thirties, I realized just how utterly dull my life must appear to those who sit outside of it.  My altogether benign existence revolves around a daytime career in bureaucracy--monitoring minutiae of students' academic progress in higher education--and evenings snuggled with my trusty felines, cups of coffee, and an old overworked Toshiba Satellite.  As I tried to sleep, dreading the "happy birthdays" and "over the hill" jokes I would receive the next morning, I wondered why in the world anyone would want to read the fruitless meanderings of the absolutely ordinary.

Yet occasionally, it seems people do.  True, I am not much to behold in the light of day, but by night--well, I dream far larger than perhaps I have the capacity to achieve.  For the moment, I but flirt with poetic prose and sacrifice only small inelegant pieces to the literary gods and goddesses who came before.  I am known primarily as a writer by perhaps a handful of individuals scattered across the globe.  I choose to chain myself to a life of nighttime literary wanderings both for myself and for them.

I make my home in Norman, Oklahoma with my two adorable felines Sadie and Salem.  My partner Katherine is a former early childhood educator and a burgeoning visual artist.  We spend most of our free time either lounging about watching bad movies on SyFy or Netflix or armed with laptop and art bags at the local library or coffee shop.  We live the life of struggling lesbian artists who want little more than to have someone one day pay us to enjoy our work.  In the meantime, who I am is perhaps less important than who I might become.  I am pleased to meet with any fellow travelers as I go, so feel free to comment or drop me a line any time!

For any new readers who are interested in reading some of my work, please feel free to browse through my online portfolio at Writing.com -- Where the Writer's Go.  If and when I have any active publications, I will add links to them here.

Happy reading!  Drop a note and let me know what you think!

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